Sunday, June 13, 2010

EXP Final Crysis Images

Design Overview

For me, this whole process was about power. How power can influence how people are perceived, and ultimately how they perceive themselves.

Angela Merkel

The Facade of Merkel's Office was designed around her occupation. For me the ultimate political power in architecture can be demonstrated as large and dominating. As I see Merkel as being integral to holding the EU together, I wanted her office to be seen as being firstly, the foundation on which she is holding the structure up, but also the web that holds it together.

Miranda Kerr

For Miranda Kerr I wanted to design her office around a central tower, which has many supports holding her up, almost like putting her on a pedestal. Her Beauty is her power, which is why every level of her office is made to present her as she is.

The Elevators

Each of the elevators were designed around the two core ideals which I associated with both Merkel and Kerr. These were Union and Beauty. The first image presents the union of Merkel, showing that there are many supports which make a whole. The second image presents the beauty of Kerr, which in itself lends to the business which she works in where everything is elaborate and delicate.

Dining Area

For the Dining area I wanted to design something which would bring both entities together, a union of power and beauty. The meeting area is placed on a hill which looks back to the bridge and their offices. I based the idea on having both Merkel and Kerr being able to look back on their offices and to be able to go over their ideas critically.


Peer Reviews

Crysis Draft

Textured Sketchup Images


For these textures I wanted to think carefully about hows they were positioned on the grid. The main reason for this was that I wanted them to be able to be tiles properly when I came to the point where I could texture my models.

Sketchup Draft

Two Point Perspectives

Mash Up

The power of one person.

The time has now come to present this remarkable person. It was such a different experience to travel the world as an advocate for the oppressed. To be trapped in a world without language your heart is definitely in the country and with nature otherwise where else would it lie?

For me it's ongoing, it's a continual process, this is not something to put on the back burner. Either we all stand together or we drift off in different directions, which would be the wrong thing to do. Being outdoors and amongst nature is so important for our wellbeing. As such she was able to unleash her curiosity and intelligence on the world.

I love being in nature, urging unity in any world response, to become one of history’s most inspiring learners. To be able to live in the moment and enjoy every step along the way presents an opportunity to support closer security ties for the core duty for stable development and sustainable growth. I owe my world to literature and am a household name worldwide. I can't wait to do it again.

Helen Keller

Miranda Kerr

Angela Merkel

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crysis Playground

These images which I have uploaded are just of me getting my bearings within crysis and testing out what some of the features can do. I really like the idea of night time scenes as they allow for different lights to be used, so you can draw someone's gaze to a particular idea or design element.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

EXP 3 - Crysis German Valley

These are some images which I have taken inside Crysis Wars from the landscape which I have created. I still have a bit of work to do on it, but I just wanted to get a good overview of how I was going to work around the landscape and how it would look.

EXP 3 - Angela Merkel & Miranda Kerr

For this experiment I am thinking of leaning towards choosing Merkel and Kerr. The main reason for this being as I really admire and respect the power which Angela Merkel has been able to gather in her involvements within the European Union and its integration into the future. Miranda Kerr on the other hand, for me knowing that she is a world renown supermodel, I knew that she would be a person who could fit in anywhere on the earth. This is why I feel she fits in well within a German landscape, as I wanted to have two people who relate in the way of which era they live in the world, and also where they reside in the world.

Photo Sourced from

EXP 3 - Power One-Point Perspective

These are my sketches from the tutorial today. I actually had a bit of fun making these, well, a lot more than I did with the axonometrics!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Final EXP 2

These images show my final Crysis environment

This image shows through my Electroliquid Aggregation quote the expansion of the building further and further up. For it to explore itself, becoming an entity in its own right. Having the meeting place in the middle of the ramp in nature was an important part of this design.

The entrance to Hawkings lab needed to grow with my quote, showing it being bathed in light and fitting within the space provided to fully emphisise the work that Steven Hawking theorises.

This image shows Kueppers lab, with the textures being used much like the cells in which she works with on a daily basis. Having her lab being lower then the rest of the building fitted in well with the quote in the same respect as Hawking's fitted in with his lab.

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