Sunday, June 13, 2010

EXP Final Crysis Images

Design Overview

For me, this whole process was about power. How power can influence how people are perceived, and ultimately how they perceive themselves.

Angela Merkel

The Facade of Merkel's Office was designed around her occupation. For me the ultimate political power in architecture can be demonstrated as large and dominating. As I see Merkel as being integral to holding the EU together, I wanted her office to be seen as being firstly, the foundation on which she is holding the structure up, but also the web that holds it together.

Miranda Kerr

For Miranda Kerr I wanted to design her office around a central tower, which has many supports holding her up, almost like putting her on a pedestal. Her Beauty is her power, which is why every level of her office is made to present her as she is.

The Elevators

Each of the elevators were designed around the two core ideals which I associated with both Merkel and Kerr. These were Union and Beauty. The first image presents the union of Merkel, showing that there are many supports which make a whole. The second image presents the beauty of Kerr, which in itself lends to the business which she works in where everything is elaborate and delicate.

Dining Area

For the Dining area I wanted to design something which would bring both entities together, a union of power and beauty. The meeting area is placed on a hill which looks back to the bridge and their offices. I based the idea on having both Merkel and Kerr being able to look back on their offices and to be able to go over their ideas critically.


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