Friday, March 26, 2010

Sketches - Textures

These are my sketches of where my point of views are to be focussed, and the placement of materials/textures.

There are also image of my notebook from the week 3 studio - Textures.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stair Sketches from Notebook

These are my sketches from the week two studio.

Stairs 2

My second sketchup with sorrow and invading as my words.

Stairs 1

Ok so these sketchup drawings are from my first 3d model with the program, using sorrow and obvious for word choices.

Week 1 Sketch Sections from my Notebook

These are the images from my notebook from week one. They show my ideas following the first lecture and studio. You can tell after the first few that I changed pens to a good one!

Monday, March 15, 2010

My sorrow and obvious comination.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Richard Goodwin

Free, Invading, Obvious 4/3/10 1:00pm

Patricia Piccinini

Age, Transition, Alien 4/3/10 1:15 pm

Ricky Swallow

Grey, Thinking, Sorrow 4/3/10 1:10pm
These plans are from one of my many asssignments which I did at tafe. The particular brief we were given for this assignment was to design a beach house, which is situated on a corner block, with 270 degree water views. The reason in which I chose this piece of work, is that it was the main work which I can remember from so long ago that I still love today.

The love for the project was also solidified when I got my marks back for it, topping the class, in a class in which I really respected the teacher I had, for his skills as an Architect.

Carlo Scarpa - Brion Vega Cemetery

The famous peice of Architecture which I have chosen is one by Carlo Scarpa, with his work on the Brion Vega Cemetry and mausoleum. The concrete work throughout the plot is what I consider to be an amazing use of the product. His work demonstrates the love that his clients shared towards each other, and also the skill in which he was able to captures throughout the mausoleum.

*Image from Photographer TomAs Martinez Vellerga. Site accessed 12pm, Thursday 4th March*

Milford Sound

This photo was taken by myself on my trip to New Zealand 2 years ago. To really understand why I have chosen this image, a person really needs to go and visit Milford Sound itself. Having all these natural forms coming together in a way that is just breathtaking to behold is something which I would definitely call Beautiful. The way the waterfalls run off the mountains into the sound is something you just have to see.


Hey and welcome to my Arch Studio Blog. I guess i'll introduce myself a little bit. My name is John, i'm 22 and am currently studying Architectural Computing. I have worked as a draftsman a couple of years ago after completing my Architectural Technology diploma at TAFE, but here I am at UNSW.