Friday, April 9, 2010

Blogger Animations


For this Video I wanted to be able to show the viewer mainly Ricky Swallow's Studio. Woking in Section Planes within the animation helped to really demonstrate alot of the details which have been put into this concept.

For my Second Animation I wanted to be able to show the model from top to bottom. Allowing the viewer to see how the building is made up through the use of an animated section plane allowed me to fully demonstrate most of what the building was made up of.

Finally for this animation I wanted to focus on Richard Goodwin's studio. Using a style of walk-through, I wanted to show the viewer how a person would perceive the space as if they were actually standing there.

Google Warehouse Model

Final Model

The following pictures are of my final design. I chose to model Ricky Swallow's studio around the word 'Sorrow'. This can be seen as being his studio above the art gallery.

For Richard Goodwin I chose to design his studio around the word 'Obvious'. For me his work presents an idea, that forces a viewer to confront what they are seeing, and makes them think, what is going on.

This First image shows the stairs of Richard Goodwin's Studio. I wanted to show this image to highlight the design of the stairs and how it relates to my chosen word of Obvious.

This second image shows the view from the gallery looking towards the entrance to the lower studio of Richard Goodwin's.

This image shows the stairs from the gallery going up to Ricky Swallow's Gallery. I wanted to shoe this image due to how I perceived the stairs. Combined with the word "Sorrow" I wanted to have a low/drooping set of stairs, that would almost seem somewhat painful.

In this image I wanted to show the inside of Ricky Swallow's Studio. The main reason being to present the fruition of my ideas from the word "Sorrow"

For this image I wanted to show an overview of the eastern external wall.

Much like the image above, I wanted to show an overview of the front of the building.

Here are a few images of the final design with no textures.